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Emma's Story

Hi, my name is Emma Farrelly and I'm 24 years of age. I am from Kildare. In march of this year I became very seriously ill at home and ended up in Naas General Hospital. I went in with severe bleeding, blood clotting from my nose and mouth, sickness, fatigue and total weakness. When admitted I had a Haemoglobin of only 5.2 and my platelets were at 16. Within the space of an hour I had complete renal failure and was in extreme danger of stroke and/or heart attack.

On consultation with the Haematology Department in Tallaght hospital I was Diagnosed with TTP, Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. After 24 hours in Naas, I was given 2 units of blood and a bag of platelets. I was transferred to Tallaght where I spent the next few weeks.

I just want to thank, from the bottom of my heart everyone at the blood transfusion service who really saved my life. Every day for 17 days I received plasmapheresis, each day getting 17 bags of platelets.

Giving blood was something I had never even considered doing as my fear of needles always stopped me. Now I have no choice as I will never be able to give blood. I was petrified of the plasmapheresis, I was petrified of the needles and of absolutely everything but every single person I met from the blood service were fantastic. In particular Siobhan, Phil, Anne and Sinead who are the four nurses who looked after me and did my treatment everyday. I owe them everything and cannot praise them enough.

I would urge anyone and everyone to donate blood and platelets. If people don't then someone like me wouldn't be here today. Thank you all from the very very bottom of my heart. The Kindest of Regards, Emma Farrelly.

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