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Kevin's story

I have been a regular blood donor since 1984 and have recently received my 50th donation award. Until recently I never fully realised what it means to be a blood donor.

In March of this year our second son Eoin was born. He was five weeks premature and was severely anaemic and jaundiced when born. He spent some time in the Intensive Care Unit of the Coombe Hospital and had to receive a number of blood transfusions. I was present for one of the transfusions and was amazed at the transformation in him when he received the blood.

Through my own personal experience I realised the importance of being a blood donor and the difference it can make to peoples lives. Eoin is now a perfectly healthy 9 month old and when I look at him I often think of the donors whose blood he received. I believe the best way I can thank them is to be a regular donor myself and to encourage anyone who can to become a donor.

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