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Robbie's Story

I have been attending the National Blood Centre in James Street for the last ten years to give platelets. I originally gave blood in 1996 when a mobile clinic came to my job in Swords. Only after giving did I realise how easy and painless the process was. When one of my colleagues who gave platelets suggested I try it, I had no problem agreeing after my good experience giving blood.

I have nothing but kind words about the staff of the platelet clinic and the care they give. You are made feel so very welcome and you know straight away that you are doing a worthwhile thing. I look forward to my monthly trip to the clinic safe in the knowledge that I can sit down and relax for an hour reading the paper or watching the television, maybe have a cup of coffee and leave knowing I have helped somebody in a real and meaningful way.

I have seen the effects a platelet transfusion can have on someone who is seriously ill and it really is miraculous. I would like to urge everyone who has ever fleeted with the idea of donating to JUST DO IT. You will feel the better for it and in these tough economic times, when people are struggling, this is something that can make a real difference to people’s lives. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose.

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