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Valerie's Story

In May of 2009 my then 15 month old daughter was struck down with a virus in her heart. She was rushed to intensive care in Crumlin where we were told her heart muscle had weakened and to be prepared for her to get a heart transplant.

She was put on a bypass machine which did the work of her heart. Her blood was taken out of her body and put into this machine, cleaned and pumped back into her little body. Some of the blood gets lost in this machine, so it has to be replaced. She received 4 blood transfusions and had platelets also.

Without the kindness of blood donation, my child would not be here today doing great. Thankfully, she didn’t need a heart transplant in the end. She turns two this month and thank God she is the most active two year old little girl you've ever seen. This week I will make my first blood donation. I’m only sorry I didn’t do it years ago.

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