Information for women

What is changing?

New donation guidelines have been introduced for female blood donors less than 26 years of age , all lapsed female donors ( donors that haven’t donated in 5 years or more) & all new female donors. These guidelines are in relation to a donor’s estimated total blood volume (TBV) which takes account of both height and weight.

Note: this is not the same as your body mass index (BMI)

If you are 5ft 6inches (5’ 6”) (168cm) in height or above OR you are 10st 3lb (65kg) in weight or above, the changes do not apply to you, and you can donate.

If you are less than 5’ 6” (168cm) in height AND less than10st 3lb (65kg) in weight ,are under 26 years of age or have not donated in the last 5 years or are a new donor, your height and weight will need to be taken into consideration and if you DO NOT meet the criteria outlined above you cannot donate for the time-being. If you don’t know your height and or weight, this can be measured at clinic – please ask.  

Why is this changing?

Donation research and medical evidence have shown that based on height and weight, female donors of smaller build as indicated in the chart overleaf are at an increased risk of fainting following blood donation.

Does the change apply to me if I have already given a donation without any problems?

Yes, this change applies to all females under 26 years old that are regular donors, all lapsed female donors of any age (female donors that haven’t donated in 5 years or more) and all new female donors of any age . We understand that this may be very disappointing for our donors who will not be able to donate but we look forward to welcoming you back in the future.

How can I check whether this applies to me?

The chart at the bottom of this page has a red area and a green area. If, when matching your height with your weight, the colour of the box the two figures meet at is red, you will be unable to donate. If your weight and your height meet in a green box this restriction does not apply to you and you can donate.

Will I be able to come back in the future?

Yes! If your weight increases to meet our criteria you can come back to donate again if you are under 26. Once you are over 26 years once you have donated in the last 5 years the minimum weight is 50kgs . As a new (first time donor) you must meet the criteria for height - 5ft 6inches (5’ 6”) and weight10st 3lb (65kg) in order to donate.



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