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Haemovigilance Resources

Haemovigilance Learning Hub

The Commission on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement (2008) recommended that lessons learned in one healthcare establishment are communicated regionally, nationally and internationally. This requires consideration of improved mechanisms for deliberate communication between organisations in relation to patient safety issues. 

The National Haemovigilance Office (NHO)  recognises that hospitals engage in adverse event review on a daily basis and from this, there are significant learning and practice initiatives taking place in hospitals ensuring a safer transfusion service for Irish patients. Below are incident reviews submitted from hospitals.

Right Blood for the Right Patient in Emergency Transfer

HV Safe practice notice on Laboratory Information System alerts


Competency and Professional Profile documents.

These documents outline suggestions on a professional profile for HVOs and competencies for haemovigilance and traceability

Developing a professional profile for Haemovigilance Officers - see document

Competence for hospital based Haemovigilance Officers - see document