Can I Give Platelets?

Call 01 432 2833 (Dublin) or 021 480 7429 (Cork) to speak to one of our staff about giving Platelets.

You do not need to give blood first to become a platelet donor.  However, if you have not given blood in Ireland in the last 5 years you may not give platelets on your first visit to the platelet clinic.  In this case you will first give samples for testing and for assessing your suitability to become a platelet donor.

You may be suitable to become a platelet donor if you:

1)                  You are blood group O, A,B or AB
2)                  You are between 18 and 59 years old
3)                  You weigh over 9 st 7lbs (60kgs)

You cannot become a platelet donor if:

1)                  You have ever received a blood transfusion
2)                  You are a female who has ever been pregnant
3)                  You require to take aspirin or anti-inflammatories regularly

Eligibility to be a platelet donor

Once you apply to become a platelet donor, a member of staff will be in touch with you to discuss the criteria to become a platelet donor and book you in for an assessment. The assessment will take approx. 45 minutes and will include taking a blood sample, checking suitability of your veins and past medical history.

Once deemed suitable to become a platelet donor you can book in for your first platelet donation. 

 You can contact us to book an appointment by :

  • Call 01 432 2833 (Dublin) or 021 480 7429 (Cork) to speak to one of our staff
  • Fill in our Online Application Form
  • Text 53377 for information


All blood safety precautions that apply to blood donation also apply to platelet donation. Please read our section on Keeping Blood Safe for more information.

Other ways to help

If you find that you are not eligible to become a platelet donor, please consider giving blood or joining the Irish Unrelated Bone Marrow Registry.