The blood donation clinic is in town

Without the support of local people in the community, we could never successfully return to communities every few months to host a blood donation clinic. They are absolutely vital to helping us to get the word out that the clinic is coming, and encouraging people to give blood.


There are many ways you can help such as:

  •  distribute leaflets to local community gathering places e.g. schools, community centres, shops etc...
  •  put up our large A3 posters in your area
  •  use social media/email/whats app etc to spread the message to your network of friends and family
  •  publicise the clinic at your local club
  •  let your work colleagues know about giving blood - perhaps your employer might also encourage it


We are always looking for local people to help us promote our clinics before we arrive to a location every few months. Contact us on Locall 1800 731 137 if you would like to know more about how you might be able to help.