I Want to Keep On Giving

John’s father, a champion boxer, was a platelets and blood donor, and John has made the time to become a regular blood donor himself over the last 30 years. He knows the importance of word of mouth to spread the message and is keen to encourage others.

John knows that there will be nights where you might attend a clinic but unfortunately are not able to give blood. But it is important to keep in mind how life saving blood is, and to make the effort to return to a clinic when you can, and keep up the habit.

John feels lucky to be able to give blood and would encourage those who have always intended to give blood but haven't yet done so, to take the final step and donate

#EveryOneCounts #Giveblood


Blood facts:

  • If you get a tattoo, you are only deferred from giving blood for 4 months and then can return to the next clinic that suits you
  • Platelets are a special component within blood and are particularly important for fighting cancer. Platelets can be donated every 28 days at special clinics in Dublin (tel 01 431 2833) and Cork (tel 021 480 7400). You can call and arrange a personal assessment if interested.