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Conor came to blood donation late in life after finishing playing sport. He feels it is something people can get into at any stage in their life, even if they gave previously and stopped, or simply just got out of the habit. Conor likes to keep healthy and believes blood donation contributes to that physically and mentally, with the feel-good factor not to be underestimated, when you are helping someone.

Conor feels the ‘ordinariness’ of giving blood sometimes works against getting more donors. He feels donors should talk more about the difference their efforts make, and thinks other people would make the extra effort to attend a clinic, if they really knew how giving blood can save so many lives; for example, 67% of donated blood is used to help fight cancer, and these treatments could not happen if blood were not available

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Blood facts:

  • You can check the main criteria for giving blood by taking the quick 2 minute ‘Can I give blood’ quiz
  • Many people think because you had jaundice, you can never give blood – but this is only if you were over 13 at the time. If you had childhood jaundice (under 13), you can still give blood if you meet all the other criteria
  • Many businesses encourage their staff and give them some time off to give blood