Make the time, it's worth it

Patrick is a family man and feels that giving blood is an important part of being a member of your community, it helps bring people together. People lead very busy lives. They may have a family, work, training, coaching etc… but Patrick believes that if you can make the time for training, you can make the time to give blood.

Patrick’s father gave blood and in turn inspired him to start donating when he turned 19 years old. They both used to give blood together in their local GAA club in Midleton, Co. Cork. Patrick hopes that his children will follow in his footsteps and become blood or platelet donors in the future. He encourages people to make the time to give blood as it’s worth it; you never know when who might need it, so encourage your friends or family members to join you and head to your local clinic.

#EveryOneCounts #Giveblood

Blood Facts

  • 67% of all blood donations go to cancer patients who get transfusions as part of their treatment, 27% of blood is used in surgery and emergency room situations, 6% of blood is used for treatment of new-born babies and birth complications.
  • 3,000 donations are needed each week in Ireland to keep up with the constant demand for blood.
  • Most regular donors can give blood after exercise once well hydrated, well rested and have tolerated previous donations without any ill effects. You cannot give blood if you are planning exercise afterwards that day or for 2 weeks before or after extreme exercise, e.g. marathon, triathlon. If you have any queries on this check at clinic or give the donor query line a call beforehand on 1800 731 137.