We Count On You - Newborn

We never get to choose when to need blood. But we can choose when to give.

There is a constant need for more blood donors, and in particular post Covid, when our numbers of new blood donors annually dropped significantly.

We recently launched our ‘We Count on You’ national campaign on with the aim of attracting new donors and encouraging current donors to give more regularly. The campaign will be running all year across various media including Radio, Digital, Social Media and TV.

Our TV ad can be viewed below;

Every single day, blood donors save over 200 lives in Ireland. We count on you. Please give blood today.

Blood is used in a variety of ways to help treat ill patients. Did you know that 67% of donated blood goes to patients who receive transfusions while undergoing treatment for cancer? None of us know the day or hour when we'll need blood, fortunately we all know that we can count on each other to be there to help. When you give blood you give hope and support to others when they need it most.

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