What are Platelets?

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Platelets are needed every day for the treatment of patients with cancer, leukaemia, premature babies, major surgery, burns patients, accident victims who have had extensive injury and new born babies.

However, platelets have the shortest shelf life of all blood components, lasting only 7 days. This means we have a constant need for platelet donors to ensure we meet the needs of these patients.

How do I know if I can give platelets?

To find out if you are able to donate platelets take our eligibility quiz or call 432 2833 (Dublin) 021 480 7429 (Cork) to speak to one of our staff about giving platelets.

Why do we need your life saving platelets?

Over 24,000 platelet transfusions are needed every year in Ireland. We need every blood group every single day. Many of Ireland's patients rely on platelets, so it is important supplies are constantly replenished.Platelets are essential to enable blood to clot properly and are a component of blood. Patients who do not have enough platelets in their blood are at risk of spontaneous bleeding.

Dublin Platelet Clinic opening hours

National Blood Centre, James's Street, Dublin 8 [Tel:01 4322800]

  • Monday - 8.00am - 6.00pm last apt
  • Tuesday - 8.00am - 6.00pm last apt
  • Wednesday - 8.00am - 12.30pm last apt
  • Thursday - 8.00am - 6.00pm last apt
  • Friday - 7.30am - 3.00pm last apt 

Cork Platelet Clinic opening hours

St. Finbarr's Hospital, Douglas Road, Cork [Tel:021 4807429]

  • Monday - 1.00pm - 7.00pm last apt
  • Tuesday- 1.00pm - 7.00pm last apt
  • Wednesday - 8.00am - 12.30pm last apt
  • Thursday - 1.00pm - 7.00pm last apt
  • Friday- 7.30am - 3.00pm last apt

First time Platelet Donor Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire

Regular Platelet Donor Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire

You can contact us to book an appointment by calling 01 4322833 (Dublin) or 021 4807429 (Cork) to speak to one of our staff or text 53377 for information.