Give Platelets, Save Lives

Platelets are needed every day for the treatment of sick patients. They may also be needed by patients undergoing major surgery, burns patients, accident victims who have had extensive injury and new born babies who are born with low platelet counts. Therefore there is always a need for donations. Yet many people have never heard of platelet donation.

Find out more about the platelet donation process by watching the video below featuring Kyran O'Brien, one of our platelet donors, and the journey platelets take from the clinic in the National Blood Centre, through the labs to treat a young patient in Temple Street Children's University Hospital.

Video credit to Kyran O'Brien. VO credit to Dr. Cathy Gibbons, a consultant in Paediatric Intensive Care at Temple Street Children’s University Hospital.

If you are interested in becoming a platelet donor please take our Platelet Eligibility Quiz or call 01 4322833 (Dublin) or 021 4807429 (Cork) to speak to one of our staff. You can also support Temple Street Children’s University Hospital by clicking here.